JUL 11 2021

Heyyy, I didn't die!

A lot's been going on in the past few months. I fell in kind of a rut art-wise, came back, finished Vs. The Soulless Army, binged all the SAW movies- stuff like that. I also finally resolved my video card issue! Finally.

From getting a card that destroyed my old computer, to getting a new card that didn't fit in my new computer, to getting a NEW new computer that this card is actually compatible with! And that also means I can use my VR headset!

My main place of use for it has been VRCHAT, which is pretty nice. Sometimes it's nice to just walk around and see what everyone else is doing. Also, being able to reach out and pat people is fun too.

Regarding this blog, I'm trying to get my save for Vs. King Abaddon moved over onto this PC, and with it my related sketches. So at some point, expect more Raidou stuff.

(Also, add me on VRCHAT! I'm BONECLONE!)